Gabriel Gozum

My name is Gabriel Gozum, currently I work as a perception engineer at Applied Intuition. I received my Masters in Computer Sciences from UW-Madison with a previous undergraduate double major in Electrical Engineering and Computer Sciences. My experience ranges from autonomous vehicle algorithm development to low level circuit and firmware design. Information on current projects posted in blog section.

What I Do

Algorithm Development

Strong algorithmic programming skillset. Prior experience working on SLAM based mapping algorithms. Personal projects include financial modeling and trading.

Deep Learning Research

Research focus on out-of-distribution work for autonomous driving datasets. Familiarity with deep neural networks and SOTA vision approaches to object detection. Models created in PyTorch and trained on large GPU clusters.

Firmware Development

Wide range of skillset developing firmware in C and C++. Familiarity with ARM based processors. Projects including autonomous driving DSP and battery management systems.

3D Multi-Object Tracking and Sensor Fusion

Deep understanding of both classical and SOTA tracking techniques. Familiarity with developing and deploying real-time multi-modal sensor fusion modules in modern C++.

RF Engineering

Hardware and software level design for SDR radio. Experience with LimeSDR for GSM and P25 Phase 2 demodulation. FCC licensed radio amateur (KF0DAN).

Circuit Design

5+ boards designed from schematic to fully functioning PCB. Strong experience with battery management electronics, designed custom three-part isolated circuitry for Wisconsin Racing FSAE team.

Past Employers